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Special Medical Needs Registration - Date 06/22/2021

The City of Jacksonville Emergency Preparedness Division maintains a registry of clients who have been identified as persons with Special Medical Needs. These individuals require assistance during evacuations and sheltering.

Who is a Special Medical Needs Client?
A person qualifying for special needs is someone who is medically dependent on electricity (i.e. electricity needed for life-supporting equipment), oxygen, or individuals with physical, cognitive, or medical conditions who may require basic assistance from medical professionals.

Registration Proces
You may register online now through the City of Jacksonville's everbridge portal. You may also download a registration form and follow the instructions at the bottom of the form to submit by mail, fax, or electronically. If submitting the form by email, please open the form using the Internet Explorer browser. 

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Will My Privacy be Protected?
The information within the registry will only be used in the planning for and provision of emergency and/or disaster services.

Completing the Florida Special Needs Registry does not automatically qualify the individual for a special needs shelter. Additional information will be provided by the City of Jacksonville Emergency Preparedness Division regarding evacuation and sheltering options available to you. For more information on your local options, please visit for contact information.

Build Credit with RentTrack - Date 06/22/2021

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